Remove all ambiguity.

From legal translation and contract translation to court interpreters, professional translators and interpreters are essential in ensuring that nothing is left to chance in making the law understandable for your clients in a different language. We are used widely by solicitors large and small in representing their foreign national clients throughout the legal process.

What we offer
  • Precise, surgical attention to detail for a variety of legal contracts and other legal documents
  • Legal specialists with extensive sensitivity to legal terminology in over 180 languages across the country.
  • One of the foremost translation agencies in London, built over 18 years of providing a trusted, reliable service to a variety of law firms

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What our clients say

“Very pleased with the service I got from Language Direct. They were prompt in their communications and delivery of products and their interpreter was professional and sensitive to the subject matter and the client. Will definitely use again and recommend to others.” 

– Claire Dickinson, Powys County Council