Rarest Languages in the World

What are the rarest languages in the world? Read on and find out!

rarest languages in the worldCommunication is key in our everyday lives, thus language is important. However, United Nations reports that a language becomes extinct every two weeks.

Here are some of the rarest languages in the world you have probably never heard of.


Rarest Languages in the World

  • Chamicuro (Chamekolo, Chamicolo, Chamicura)

In South America (Peru), there are only 8 people who can speak Chamicuro today, all of them are of older generation. Despite this, the people who can speak Chamicuro have developed a dictionary with their terminologies.

  • Dumi

Dumi is a language spoken in eastern Nepal. Furthermore, the tribe’s ethnic population is about 12,000 but there are only 7 native speakers of the language today. There is a Dumi dictionary available, and there are other information collected about it over time

  • Liki

This used to be spoken by local church officials from the offshore Indonesian islands north of Sarmi, Jayapura Kabupaten, and Sarmi Kecamatan. However, by 2007, there are only 5 native speakers of this language.

  • Tanema

A language of the Solomon Islands, Tanema or Tanima or Tetawo is spoken by only 4 people by 2008, and reportedly only 1 by 2012. It has been replaced by Teanu, the language spoken by the people in Vanikoro island

  • Lemerig

Lemerig, also known as Pak, Bek, Sasar, Leon or Lem, It is one of the rarest languages of the world because as of 2010, there are only 2 speakers of this language.

  • Kaixana

There were once about 200 speakers of Kaixana or Caixana.  Furthermore, the last native speaker of the language is Raimundo Avelino. In 2008, the 78-year old was living in the Limoeiro, Amazonas, Brazil.

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