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document translation London


What is document translation?

Translation is the transformation of a text from one language to another.

Documents that go through document translations are often those that have legal validity or are for the use of the academe. Some examples are contracts, agreements, birth certificates, marriage contracts or licenses,


The importance of document translation

As the world becomes more and more globalized and commercialized, institutions, government offices, corporations, and even non-profit organizations depend greatly on document translation. Furthermore, You need to translate official documents to bridge the language gaps between partners or among team members.

At such it is important that the translator is not only fluent in both the source text language and the target text language, but also in the cultures of both countries or communities. Knowledge in the subject matter or field of expertise that the document covers is also vital in a translator’s role. For example, in doing financial translation or legal translation, the translator must have a strong and in depth background in finance or the law in both the cultures of the source text and target text. Lacking either one of these needed qualities greatly affects the quality of translation not to mention increases the risk of faulty translation.

A translator must also have proper training and certification in accepted and correct translation techniques and strategies. These are:

1) Borrowing

2) Calque or loan translation

3) Literal translation

4) Transportation

5) Modulation

6) Reformation

7) Adaptation

8) Compensation

Where can you get good document translation London services?

Many websites offer  translation services online. There are several websites who offer document translation for free. You will simply have to submit the document to them and they will send it to your email already translated. This may be an acceptable choice for personal use. However, if you are running a business or are planning to submit the document elsewhere, you need to consider getting professional translation services.

Although these websites offer services for free, the translation is done by a computer program. This means there are no human checks done, and the computer could have translated something literally instead of translating the thought and paraphrasing (if needed). This could change the meaning of your document completely, and you may be misunderstood by the recipients of your translated document, a risky proposition if you’re trying out international business.

Language direct has a team of professional translators, editors, linguists and researchers who are certified and have experience in their fields and languages of expertise. We will accurately translate your document and proof read everything for you. Language Direct is the best source of services for document translation London.

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