We are Language Direct.

We are a UK SME, based in London. Almost 2 decades now, we have created jobs up and down the country, helped local students by providing work experience. We provide our services with a real passion and urge, to help the communities we work within.

We make our money here and spend and invest it here in the UK, helping the local and national economy. We pay all our taxes promptly and on time. We are not the Starbucks who pays back a few name sake pennies in tax for the millions extracted from doing business in Britain. We are not a huge multinational company like Languageline or Bigword who just wants your money, no matter what, so that they can convert it into dollars and export them back to USA, helping Donald Trump to fund the huge wall at the Mexico border.

We are a genuine UK business, we are professional, we are honest, we can be trusted.

We are Language Direct!