Translation Market Predicted To Soar

Covid-19 has helped this part of the language industry grow at a faster rate than usual as businesses are moving online and targeting global markets. If your business is looking to expand, then the key to this is accurate business translation. 

The translations market has surged in growth over the last few months despite the economy struggling in other areas and facing a hit during the earlier part of the year. It is slowly recovering as businesses need language service providers to help them grow effectively too. 

We cater to both B2B and B2C customers but right now is the time to get your company websites and content translated into different languages where your target customers will have 100% coverage to understand everything you present. 

How translations will benefit your business: 

  • Credibility – By translating into other languages, it makes customers feel valued, along with making your company look reliable rather than auto-translating your website and struggling to navigate.
  • Expansion – This will give you access to a wider range of audiences whether in the UK or abroad as you now speak their language, attracting international customers easily.
  • Increased conversion – There will be a higher visibility rate giving you an online presence resulting in more website views and ultimately clients. This will enable you to bring in more sales and profit. 

Furthermore, we can help with translation and proofreading of numerous documents and websites including legal, technical, and commercial material, where we only use ‘mother tongue’ translators to ensure the highest levels of quality and accuracy.

Marketing in any new export market can be considerably different from that experienced domestically – from the approach, design, and tone of marketing materials and potential regulation around online marketing.

In London, Newham Council is also supporting the use of more translation services to help improve links between different communities. While tackling the pandemic, the need for language translation support to be more available across the borough was highlighted as it was identified to be a major barrier. The council wants to explore the route of extra support for community language translation for people living in Newham and community groups as it is the most diverse borough in the country. 

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