Translations of texts, websites and documents – The Inside Story

Accurate translation is key to the success of our clients’ business. We have a duty of care to our customers and are very mindful of the trust put in us.

We are well known for very fast turnaround times and meeting deadlines.  We communicate clearly all the time and do not undertake a project for which we think we will not be able to meet the deadline.  We always suggest realistic deadline for you to decide on which way to go. Generally a translator can translate about 2500 words a day and hence based on size of project and date wanted, we select more than one professional translator and one of them to manage and assemble the complete project.

In our two decades of successful provision of translation services we have had happy clients in the legal, leisure, educational, marketing and health sectors.

We use native language translators only. What this means is that the translator is one of your target audiences. Hence he/she is already thinking like your target audience and will use current words, phrases, jargons which are relevant with the target audience and country. The end result will be to convey your message fully and precisely.

Our translators also have access to top translation memory software, ensuring that the translated documents are consistent, including common definitions, phrasings and terminology. This is important when different translators are working on a single project.

We only use translators with a matching specialism in the subject. We have 1357 experienced linguistics on our books many of whom have been with us for over a decade. They all together cover over 200 languages and are experts in their own sectors eg legal, hr, arts, technology, marketing, fashion etc . Our current clients include but are not limited to Lidl, SadlerWells, Hayward Gallery Southbank Centre, Norgesbooking.