Legal Interpreting

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Legal Interpreting
Legal Interpreting

At Language Direct, we hire interpreters based on their accreditations, experience and expertise in their fields. Only highly qualified linguists must perform interpretations, as hiring non professional interpreters, or those that have no background on legal matters or diploma in languages may hurt clients more than help.

Additionally, proceedings that involve the court and the law usually involve high risk matters such as personal freedom and damages which makes this sensitive. As well as this, Legal interpretation is a broad area of specialisation, and court interpreting is just one. It may include:

  • Court, Arbitration and Mediation hearings
  • Sign language interpretation
  • Interviews
  • Interrogations
  • Client meetings and preparation
  • Attorney – Client meetings
  • Jail visits
  • Deposition interpreting
  • Consulate interpreting
  • Hospital reports
  • Medical and dental exams
  • Insurance papers
  • Legislative hearings
  • Video and telephone conference


Furthermore, be aware of these factors when hiring for legal interpreting…
  • The audience  The interpreter must be aware of the situation, the scale of size and people attending to be able to prepare properly.
  • Target languages – Do you need the interpretation in GermanFrenchDutchRomanianRussianVietnamese or additionally Punjabi? Make sure that the interpreter is proficient in the language, and furthermore, preferably a native speaker.
  • Type of interpretation – There is a large range of the different type of interpretation which can be done. Do you need consecutive interpreting or simultaneous interpreting? Furthermore, is it a formal or informal meeting?
  • Communication  Will the interpretation occur in person or online through a video conference?

You want to outline these factors to ensure finding the right interpreter who is best suited for the legal interpreting job. Make sure you hire the interpreter who has the specific skill set needed for the meeting. This will ensure that the communication will not fail and no one’s rights are compromised. It is important for the interpreter to be professional, dressed appropriately and furthermore punctual.

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