Key words

Key words  NHS & Private Hospitals A&E antenatal cardiac Care Programme Approach (CPA) Clinical Trials corona care units ENT eye treatment fracture clinic maternity medical devices medical reports mental mental health oncology orthopaedic paediatrics Patient Information patient’s care physiotherapy psychiatrist Psychologist R & D Regulatory Affairs rehabilitation RESPIRATORY CLINIC speech and language therapy urology Dentists patient’s care Probation Services appointment attend case Case Admin clcrc Community Payback Community Payback team Community Rehabilitation Company community sentence comply with your order Court CRC evidence formal warning justice services London CRC NPS offender Offender Offender Manager Prisons Probation Office protect the public reintegrate reintegrate into society reoffending Responsible Officer risk risk of reoffending sentence  service user Sodexo Sodexo Thames Valley CRC  unpaid work warning notification withdrawing this warning written evidence you failed without reasonable excuse to comply with the terms of your order in that you failed to report to your responsible officer Social Services Care Programme Approach (CPA) patient’s care Schools patient’s care SEN SENCO special educational needs parents meeting education term term time half term teacher head teacher school office reception primary college sports college specialist college teacher parent consultaion to update on childs progress learning consultaion meeting pupil care