What is the Eurostar Divorce? Or the race to court?


This term has been around for a while as London is believed to be the divorce capital with England granting generous outcomes and financial awards for divorce proceedings. But this is usually the case for wives as England is known as the ‘wives jurisdiction’ due to its reputation for favourable outcomes over the years.

There is usually the case of one party issuing the process without informing their spouse in another country to avoid jurisdiction. This can also be pegged as the ‘race to court’ as it is known otherwise.

Marriage disputes in Europe do not have to be dealt within the country where the couple were married as people wrongly believe, they can venture to other European countries for the case except for Denmark. The criteria to be eligible for divorce in other European countries has to include one of the following:

  • If one or both parties have habitual residence in the country
  • If both parties are national citizens
  • If the party files the proceedings first is a resident in the country

The latter criteria highlights the race of the proceedings as both parties generally fight to process the divorce case in countries where they will maintain most assets and financial stability. There are significant differences between England and France, for example the husband would be better off due to the French legal system and would file a case there but the wife will not be granted as much as she would in England or Wales.

This race to court or the journey of the eurostar divorce can either be smooth for one party and rocky for another, so couples need to choose wisely if settling for divorce in another European country.

Due to the rise in divorce cases being settled in England and Wales, there has been a demand for translators and interpreters to deal with the proceedings which can either be short or dragged out depending on each individual case. Contact us if our services fit your requirements.